Verse 25  from Forghan Sura

25-25: Upon the day that the sky is split as under with the clouds and the angels are sent down in majesty.


Verse 35 from Arahman Sura

55-35: On you will be sent a flame of fire and the smoke and no one can help you at that time.


Verse 37 from Arahman Sura

55-37: And when the sky is split, and like crimson molten oil flows.


Verse 8 from Maarej Sura

70-8: Upon the day when the sky shall be as molten copper.


Verse 1 from Takwir Sura

81-1: When the sun (solar) shall be twisted together.


Verse 2 from Takwir Sura

81-2 : When the stars shall be darkness and shall be thrown down.


Verse 2 from  Enfetar Sura

82-2 :When the stars shall be scattered and shall be thrown down.


Verse 8 from Morsalat Sura

77-8: So when the stars shall be darkness and shall be disappeared.


Verse 8 from Ghiamat Sura

75-8 :And the moon is eclipsed.


Verse 9 from Ghiamat  Sura

75-9 : And the sun ands the moon are brought together.


Verse 19 from Nabaa Sura

78-19 : And the sky is opened and become gates.



Verse 20 from Nabaa Sura

78-20: And the mountains are in motion and become a vapour (mirage).


Verse 3 from Ensheghagh Sura

84-3:When the earth stretched out .


Verse 4 from Ensheghagh Sura

84-4:And casts (give out) forth what is in it, and voids itself (becomes empty).


Verse 14 from Haghe Sura

69-14: And the earth is moved and its mountains, and they are crushed with a single blow and becomes flat.


Verse 4 from Wagheah Sura

56-4:When the earth shall be shaken.


Verse 5 from Wagheah Sura

56-5: And the mountains shall be crumbled severely.


Verse 6 from Wagheah Sura

56-6: And become a dust scattered.


Verse 48 from Abraham Sura

14-48: Upon the day, the earth shall be changed to other than the earth and the skies shall be changed to other skies. They sally forth unto God, the One, and the Omnipotent.


   These Verses explain about the future and the fate of the earth, the moon, the sun and the Milky Way Galaxy explicitly. Wormholes will open like a mouth. In addition, the protection level of the earth -atmosphere- will analyze. The red molecular clouds and the black molecular clouds will enter to the earth. The earth will pull toward a huge mass cloud   because of gravity and will go out from the earth orbit. The mountains and the earth crust

will break .Then a terrible earthquakes will happen, the mountains  will be scattered and will become like a powder and wind sand .The molten materials will come out from the inner earth .The earth will become flat, water will cover the land, the earth will analyze and will get fire because of molten materials. The moon will leave the earth and will go toward the sun. The sun will twist together and the stars will fall down the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy will twist together as a scroll (roll).It will end singularity case. Later another world will be born that is eternity.





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