The similarity between models of the universe and the earth


Verse 12 from Talagh Sure*

  65-12: It is God who created seven heavens, and the earth like this between them the command descending, That you may know that God is powerful over everything and That God encompasses everything in knowledge


Verse 15 Noah Sura


 71-15: Have you not regarded how God has created seven  sky one above another yet?

   On the base of these Verses, the cosmism and the earth are the same creation, in seven levels have created. The earth has seven levels with different  physical properties 1. Inner core that is solid and compact object. 2. Outer core that is liquid. 3. Downer mantle 4.Upper mantle 5.Crust 6.Hydrosphere 7.Atmosphere.

perhaps shows M theory or hyper space.







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