The expansion and the contraction of the universe


Verse 104 from Anbia Sura

   21-104: On that day when We shall roll up the sky as a scroll is rolled for the writing, as We originated the first creation, so We shall bring.

it back again-a promise binding Us ,so We shall do.

   In the previous mentioned Verse says," The sky or space had been smoke or nebula and in this Verse says the sky will be returned to smoke or nebula again at the end of the universe. This Verse says firstly the sky had been singularity and will be changed to singularity again.

Verse 30 from Anbia Sura

   21-30: Have not the unbelievers beheld that the sky and the earth were a mass (as a unit of creation) before We clove them asunder? We have made every living thing from water. Will they not believe?


   In the previous Verse mentioned that firstly the creation of universe had been from smoke or nebula and then changed to singularity or contraction.

Moreover, this Verse  not  points to Big bang Theory.

Verse 47 from Zariat  Sura


51-47: And We have created the sky with power and will give it vastness all the time.


   This Verse points to expansion of the universe, which had been as a case of bladder and but no points to big bang .This is the Theory which is Edwin Hubble discovered it in 1920 A.D .So the whole of our cosmos started. In addition, at the end of the universe it will end as a case of singularity again.  What will happen on the other universes? It seems they join to each other .They increase their speed and continue to expand. They run away from the gravity the universe center




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