Black Hole



Verse 1 from Tareq Sura


   86-1: Iswear by the sky and the "TAREQ".

   86-2: And what shall make you understand what the Tareq is?

  86-3: The piercer  (making hole) star.


   The word of "TAREQ" means the person who comes at night and knocks the door in Arabic language. It is said to the path (tariq) too. Because

the ground has presses or treads because of walking on it .And the path makes in this way. It is also called to a (hammer) and the wood, which threshes cotton and wool ( matraq ) . All three words are synonyms.

   Every" black hole has" these properties.1.It is dark like night. 2. It is a compact mass. 3 It makes hole. 4. It makes path and way. Moreover, the place of it is center Milky Way Galaxy.

   Maybe choosing the name of "Black hole " by Wheeler .John. Archibald has been base on oracular inspiration. Because this name had used in the   Quran for 1335 years before   Archibald used it


The Milky Way’s Black Hole

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